The first 1 hour consultation fee is 120 € VAT

Further law firm princing & fees are set prior to any legal service delivery in a mutual attorney/client written agreement according to the :

  • type of case and its difficulty;
  • time spent on the case;
  • importance of involved interests;
  • impact of law firm fees and expenses;
  • client type and situation.

Different pricing models could be used : hourly rates, flat fees or fixed fees, subscription which can be completed by contingency. 

The following expenses are not included in fees and remain at client's responsibility :

  • Expenses incurred by the law firm for the case purposes such as travel expenses (hotel, train / air tickets ...), bailiff fees etc.
  • The costs and taxes related to the proceedings, the translation costs, the expert's remuneration.

In the event of litigation brought before a jurisdiction, some of these expenses can be recovered under articles 695 and 700 the French Civil Procedure rules on the defeated party.

Maria Moskvina Law Firm accepts cases under :

  • Legal Aid, granted to the person (French resident) who does not have sufficient income to assert her/his rights in court (LA simulator),
  • Legal Protection, allowing your insurance to cover the costs of litigation in case of this guarantee  subscription (LP implementation)

In the event of a dispute regarding the Law Firm pricing or any other disagreement, you can submit your complaint directly to the:

President of the Bar Association of Paris or prior to the Legal Ombudsman